Tips when registering a domain name

What is a DNS server?

Every website has an IP address assigned. The DNS servers function is to translate the name of each page to its corresponding IP address. Then, DNS (Domain Name System) is a system that translates a domain name to an IP number and, thus, is located the server hosting a website.Typically, the domains need two DNS servers to be located on the Internet, and usually have names like these: 

What is a domain redirection?

Many webmasters have their site hosted on free sites, which means they often have a long address and unprofessional. For example, / users / name. To avoid this problem, and also due to the low cost of registering a domain today (on average 10 to 15 € per year), many webmasters choose to buy your own domain type. Com.’s Etc. In these cases, you need to redirect the domain hosting existing, ie make the domain point to the pages that you have so that when someone types your new domain in your browser will display the page you choose.

What is the difference between domains. Com,. Net. Org, etc.?

Although initially the domain. Were com for businesses,. Net to network services, the. Org for organizations, etc., Now it has lost its meaning and can be used interchangeably. In addition, search engines do not distinguish between the two.


Is it advisable to register a domain from the beginning to have a website or have to wait a bit to have some success?

It is highly recommended to start with your own domain , not a free domain. If you do not start with it, all the work you do promoting your site and getting links and the search engine rankings you achieve, you will lose it when you need or want your own domain and your address will be different. In this connection you may be interested the issue of domain names with keywords .

Some people as a solution to this problem, register your domain and still maintain the old but redirected to the new. However, it is best to start right from the beginning, so you’ll get all the links and all entries in web directories pointing to self.

What extension choose?

Given that the search engines do not care about the domain extension, and people who visit usually also have enough flexibility to register a domain name. However, it never hurts to try to adapt the domain extension to site content you want to create. For example, if you’re creating a website for an NGO, it may be more appropriate to register a. Org (nonprofit organization) that a. Com (commercial), although this is not very important today.

Personally, I think it is better to choose more generic or extended extensions such as. Com,. Net. Org. Info and.’s. Unless you need a keyword is really important, not recommend registering another extension. It is also important to choose a good domain name .

Does the extension to search engine rankings?

No, not taken into account. Your position is given by as you optimize the site, content, keywords, links, etc.. While it is true that sites are. Com usually appear more often in the top of the search engines, this can be due to causes beyond the type of domain extension . For example, there are many more sites with a. Com and other extensions that also these sites usually take more time on the Internet (remember that. Info or. Biz did not exist a few years ago).

Final Tips

Beware of hosting companies that offer free domain hosting to hire them, if you ever want to transfer your domain to another company (which is not uncommon), you will probably bring many difficulties to do and try to keep you with them, or even have registered the domain name, so it would control them, not you.

Beware of companies that offer a domain for less than 7 or 8 €. As low not normal, and even less given to make money, but do so at the cost of minimizing their expenses, so that their services are not very good (especially noticeable attention customer). In addition, these companies are likely to use those low prices to attract customers and offer other services such as web hosting, email, web design, etc.. to recover what they expect no gain from the sale of domains.

Before hiring the services of a domain registrar, make sure you have control of the domain, show the owner on record and you facilitate a DNS manager.

From my point of view, it is best to register the domain with a company and web hosting with a different one, each a specialist in his field.

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