To push for Oracle Application Server middleware market leader

promote Oracle Application Server (APS) 10G, the end of the tour in Singapore last week after the tour in Beijing, China.

Oracle Application Server Development Senior Director, Product Management Zavery Amit said yesterday: Oracle four years ago on the middleware market, when the disorder middleware market, there are many different companies as part of the work; Oracle Application Server Platform Suite, middleware market is expected to end this confusion.

Oracle Application Server products in China director Feng Kwai said that Oracle and BEA have chosen different paths, perhaps soon, BEA will also engage in this way. And also noted that BEA middleware products, version 8.0 and 7.0 can not be a smooth transition for the user to add a lot of trouble, BEA must be changed.

According to IDC data: In June 2003, the market share of Oracle in the middleware 19.5% overall, while IBM was 29.2%, BEA was 26.3%. But IDC data also shows that the growth in sales of Oracle in 2003 was 14.9%, IBM was 6.4%, BEA was down 4.2% from 0.02 to 03 Oracle changes yearly growth of market share of 2.6%, IBM rose 1.7%, BEA decreased 1.2%

. Oracle Middleware is the fastest growing.
According to the Gartner research report in January this year, suites of Oracle Application Server platform (APS) 10G compared to non-integrated middleware, customers can save quarter of the total cost; Forrester Research in June this year on the BEA, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Sun 5 suites platform application server product comparison technology, Oracle was the first general comments .

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