Toast teaser expert for non-members can also use magic QQ expression

Chat with QQ, if made a few friends from time to time to the magical “teaser to justice,” which would certainly delight the whole process of cat. Friends might say, send free magic phrase, it is the members of the QQ patents, QQ users how ordinary there such a right? In fact, even without much money a member QQ, using “expert teaser toast” We can always send the magic of free expression (expression animation for example) the. Below, I give you briefly how to do.

Begin by downloading the “teaser experts toast”, then install and run, and then click experts “teaser toast” in the main interface of the animation “, then in the preview area to the right you can see it are many nice anime, shown in Figure 1, A Division. In Figure 1, A, as shown in a number of animation, we can clearly see that they are “greeting” category of caricature, of course, if you click on the left of Figure 1, “rest”, “Goodbye”, “Go” different links, you can also view the image associated with the other types of animation In addition, the image of each type of animation, we begin to preview only the first in the animation, click on the page number or other “Next” button (Figure 1, Division B), we can view the category of anime others.

observing the page in Figure 1, we not only found that “experts teaser toast” provide many different types of animation, and each type of animation contains cartoon images are considerable. If, during a chat with a friend Send to animation can be the first to open the Friends of the conversation window, click the need to send an expression of animation (Figure 1, C Department) then in the next face of animation New pop-up “preview” dialog box, click the “Send” button, you can complete the animation of the job submission. At the same time, he can still enjoy the excitement of the real effect diagram (Figure 2 shows the chat window), and of course, to send a cartoon face after discussing more convenient, you can press “Ctrl + Alt + T “keys, then the left side of the chat window, a toolbar will appear (Figure 2, A Division) click the heart-shaped on the toolbar, and then select your favorite anime expressions and perform operations on it to send.

Tip: QQ QQ members to friends to send magic phrase, if other programs installed QQ QQ magic missing components play expression, then the other party can not appreciate the hair on the expressions QQ magic. Similarly, the other party if you want to enjoy the use of “experts teaser toast” sent me drawing faces, you must install the “experts teaser toast” may, on the other hand, can not receive Similar to “toast tips you received a friend send winks, download tool for toast,” a text.

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