Tools for Facebook

These are some of the tools to facebook and most useful applications for Social Media:

  • Grade : A simple application that is used to measure the degree of influence that the fan page in the social network, according to their number of followers, their interactions and their references. Tambiénmuestra most influential users of the network by categories or by area, and the most repeated words in the page states. Simple but effective.
  • Socialistics : An interesting application, as it makes a estadísticade users who are fans of the page of the company or brand, and generates graphs based on their demographics, their beliefs, their age, their tastes, and so on., offering the possibility to know what kind of frequent users profile with just one glance.
  • Socialbakers : payment application provides the ability to analyze in real time the effects of a campaign on Facebook, analysis of the extent of communicative action inside and outside the social network and comparisons between the fan page and pages competition within the sector.
  • Applications for blogs: Tools such as Notes or Blog RSS Feed Reader are designed to associate the corporate blog, sectoral or company personnel with the Facebook profile, so as to generate an automatic interaction between the two channels, blog and fan page . So blog updates appear as notes on the fan page, while updates of social network profile is incorporated in feeds associated blog.
  • Applications for page layout: Extended Info, FlashPlayer, My Flickr and many other applications can create interactive activities on the fan page, customize the data header, create polls, do contests, and, finally, turn the fan page in a fully interactive and dynamic experience.


Finally, Facebook has also integrated Twitter into your social network, making it possible through that all messages posted on the microblogging network appear immediately as status messages on Facebook. Even more interesting is the option Selective Tweets, used to publish only those “tweets” that include the hashtag # fb, which allows the Social Media choose exactly which posts should be shared on both social networks and which should remain exclusively in one of them.

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