Transfer multiple files are no longer the official version of Service Pack 4 QQ2009 have difficulty

Yesterday they released a new version of Tencent QQ, the version number yet strange, was named “official beta QQ2009 SP4.Bien course, except for a few Fixed a bug, the new version also gives us a lot of bright spots, like a key to send the file, QQ, etc. Screenshots graffiti.Amis might be interested to play a joke on.

Figure 1, the version number

Firstly, Nice splash screen

QQ2009 SP3 from the beginning, the new boot screen, open a lock when the IPL will continue to surround the penguins in true beauty, real people on the admiration of art that Tencent MM idée.Le starting the first day QQ2009’ll check the security of the system, so that the speed was relatively slow start.

Figure 2

nice splash screen

2, QQ screenshot graffiti

In fact, the official name of this feature is a “brush tool QQ”, but personally think that the call “QQ screen Graffiti” is more appropriate, after all, this feature can be used when implementing Screen QQ.Il just “QQ screen Graffiti” use would be to add some screenshots easily identify when small, although the use of previous versions of “graffiti” function (for complete shooting, and then click the image in the chat window → “Edit”) can be atteintsobjectifs similar, but not the first sentence, and on the other hand, users must also have membership will increase almost the threshold number.

Figure 3 is used to mark or very easy to do

Figure 4

members can take advantage of the term “graffiti”

Third, file transfer

transmission of files “, but QQ 2009 SP4 version of the only glimmer of hope, as an entire year because they do not support the transfer once met a large number of files need to go to the other Only time effort is made to archive, and then wait for the transfer before the other laDézippez côté.En more loss of time outdoors, both for the operation of the computer are level requirements. In this version, we can not only use the “Send File” → “Sent folder” to perform this operation, but can also transfer a single file as well as the folder directly drawn into the window chat.

Figure 5, the transmission of two cases

After transmission, the person will file transfers and almost the same prompt clicks can directly open the dossier.Mais from the current trial, before transferring responsibility for security to protect files ” executable automatically renamed “mechanism does not work in this embodiment, the test, I added a special program called” a.exe file “maisconstaté that the transmission can be run directly after the other, this design can not be good.

Tip: In fact, this problem can not be the fault QQ, after all, the file transfer file is different, and sometimes we send may very well have an installation directory of the QQ logiciel.Si after completion of the transfer as before, rename the executable file automatically, it must lead to errors démarrage.Mais the question is whether the probability of such a situation similar to what extent? If they can provide some of the options or advice related? Maybe designers to reconsider this issue was a little, not as a dilemma now that.

Figure 6 does not work. Changer Exe file name

At the same time, I think this feature is also applied to the same version, the event is the other version does not support the following tips.

Figure 7 can not pass between the same version of the QQ

Fourth, the size of historical documents reminded

Personal Folders too often the culprit leading to QQ slow, but there are many specific reasons, both can be 自定义表情 (photo) receive too, there may be a record of that message too grand.Bien QQ already provides specialized cleaning tools, but they often do not remember many of my friends utilisent.Donc for this edition, Tencent put it in a personal folder file “limit the size of recall” when used only to enter → “Options” window “Basic Settings” → “paper record” set a good capacité.Lorsque file reaches the limit, it appears window rappel.Mais also be able to see through the plan, the cleaning tool is available here, not even the first use of difficulties.

Figure 8

limit defined callback

Figure 9

Assistant cleaning personnel files

5, safer locking QQ

QQ QQ 2009 SP2 lock is a feature of the new growth, so we need to temporarily leave the computer for a while, they can use this function to get the software QQ temporarily bloqué.Toutefois, subsequent tests have broke a gap that no matter when the QQ is in the lock, users (of course, maybe you around friends, colleagues) can contribute to the “Fast Logon” direct access to QQ other services (such as Qzone), so as to be a serious threat to the privacy of users.

version Service Pack 4, the last block of trials vulnérabilité.Dans this field, I try to lock the QQ, the use of “Quick Connect” to enter Qzone, is at this time of connection Quick failed, may be prompted to log in, unlock, security has increased significantly than before.

Figure 10

force parts to use fast connection

Forum VI, the network can be sorted by the memorandum

“Network” Memorandum of this edition has also been little change in the new version to increase sorting message.En other words, the future of the memo in addition to the default sort function time set up, it also allows the user to manually browse the good ordre.En addition, the module for this new version also added a “sticky” mechanism allows some particularly important information on the above long-term with its server, automatic roaming feature (requires membership), use the up and it’s really cool yo!

Figure 11

to increase sorting post office

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