Twitter buys data analytics company TV

Twitter just bought Bluefin Labs to present the analysis of comments generated by social media television. The reason is that many TV shows feature the social network of real information, in which viewers can share and follow the actions of the program at the time they are issued. That is why the social network of the blue bird, decided to acquire Bluefin Labs, a company founded in 2008.

The acquired company uses the meaning of words that expresses each person in the social network and related activities, people, brands, products to determine what were the causes that led to the user express that comment. That way, the company collects all these answers, analyzes them and then get a result.

The dynamics of the company is of great interest to Twitter, being the social network that helps more because the comments made on this platform are real-time. Bluefin Labs Buying means inserting Twitter on TV and that several national and international television events that has many answers on the social site Blue Bird. So much so that even during the transmission of a program many directors and actors make a tweet to express their comments to the spectators.

Twitter is reflected in the minute everything that happens in the world and the best example is the expected end of Super Bowl on Sunday in the United States, which came to generate 24.1 million tweets throughout the game.

Twitter plays an important role, especially now that you are holding the analysis of these data, which are very valuable for television programs and commercials, as this so you can see the impact they have on the public.

Source: Twitter

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