Twitter warns you if you exceed the 140 characters to write a ‘Tweet’

information network in real time Twitter brings a new news for his followers. Now users no longer have to be alert to exceed 140 characters allowed by the social platform, as at the time of writing the same network other microblogs will alert highlighting in red the words that were over the limit.

But that’s not the only improvement that has Twitter, to make it easier to use their platform as they also recognize the links and the name you enter in the box where you type the message to be published. In this case change color if the user name is wrong to make appropriate improvements.

The new feature can be seen only on the website. So people who have a smartphone will have to wait for improving its mobile reach.

Twitter, after his break with Instagram has implemented new changes. Recall incorporating filters for photos, exclusive-use application for mobile devices. Well I hope that the note has been of help, if so give me love.

Source: Twitter

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