Unigraphics NX complete product engineering solutions

EDS Unigraphics NX is a solution of product engineering for product design and user processes as a means of numerical modeling and verification. Unigraphics NX for designing the virtual product user and process design needs, providing proven solutions. Unigraphics NX designers and engineers to provide product development of new models, not only the manipulation of geometry, Geng is important that the team will be able to develop products based on technical requirements. Unigraphics NX can actually capture, use and sharing of digital works in full knowledge of this course, the fact that the company has strategic advantages.

To ensure the success of the user, Unigraphics NX proposed:

process automation knowledge to help users access knowledge, promote the automation of product development.

☆ On the basis of modeling to support the development of highly complex products, technical information reuse.

open design through the exchange of information without integrating the supply chain.

proven applications that integrate process engineering design cycle.

initial concept to the final finished product, Unigraphics NX 支持 through Hua Zi Dian digital communication product development process and collaboration with, and a new, interactive, and understanding of Huan Jing can help users products for all the recording and exchange of properties. It allows the user the shortest possible product design, simulation, optimization, record, build and test, and this is integrated into a complete digital environment.

◆ Knowledge Driven Automation

In short, the so-called knowledge automation (KDA) is to promote access to knowledge and process automation product development process. Technology is the system works. Process, the experience and the combination of these three technologies is essential to help customers expect achievements.

based modeling

Using parametric modeling, the user simply changes the dimensions of the model, we can see parts of shapes and sizes, while the systematic modeling, the user may change the product through all the parts for a variety of deformation to display a complete product and production processes.

open design

Unigraphics NX CAD on the other is open, even though other technologies provide the basis for computer-aided tools, enabling users to the development process involved in other systems of data exchange easily .

application tools proven

design to product processing, feature rich product Unigraphics NX and the integration of depth are unparalleled. Advanced CAD / CAM / CAE software integrates the customer best practices and processes for product development cycle, each of these areas offer the best solution.

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