(UPDATE) How to pin point your contacts location using msn. READ DESCRIPTION

Alot of complaing was happening and i finally got around to the problem some 3 years later. Ip get script download link: kewlshare.com (old video had alot of complaints about this script being gone, well i found it in 5 minutes so open your eyes) longitude and latitude conversion site: www.fcc.gov Download Google Earth. only takes about 5 minutes. 1. DOWNLOAD IP GET SCRIPT 2. WITH THE COMMAND PROMPT OPEN, SEND YOUR CONTACT A FILE 1MB OR BIGGER 3. WHILE FILE IS TRANSFERING TYPE NETSTAT AND PRESS ENTER 4. USE THE PORT THAT SAYS MSN OR MSG OR SOMTHING LIKE THAT 5. TRANSFER THE IP ADDRESS TO THE LOCATE IP ADDRESSES PART OF THE IP SCRIPT 6. CHANGE LOCATION SERVER TO GEOTOOLS 7. HIT LOCATE AND TRANSFER THOSE COORORDANATES TO THE CONVERTER AND CONVERT THEM 8. PUT THE COORORDANATES INTO GOOGLE EARTH AND HIT ENTER

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