Using Strip Set While Initializing a Volume May Cause Data Loss in Windows

Using Strip Set While Initializing a Volume May Cause Data Loss in Windows

In Microsoft Windows NT-based operating system, you can easily create software RAID 5 (Redundant Array or Independent Disks) stripe sets with the parity partitions. The RAID 5 array stripe set store stripping data with the parity information across several drives in the 64 Kilobyte stripes. While initializing the stage for creating stripe set with the parity, Windows calculates parity information for every 64 KB stripe. In case if you use the volume during initialization, you might get into data loss problems and need to opt for windows data recovery solution to sort out the problem.

You are not suppressed by Microsoft Windows Disk Administrator to format stripe set and immediately use volume while the initialization is going on. Microsoft Windows also doesn’t allow you to use the volume, which is being retrieved during the regenerating after the hard drive failure. It is due to the fact that FTDISK ensures that all of the modifications made to hard drive are mirrored in parity block. Drive handle all the synchronization issues including writing of data catching up with initialization of parity.

However, during the regeneration or initialization process of volume, this is “exposed”; i.e. when a drive gets damaged or failed while initialization of stripe set with the parity is going on, you would lose whole set. This issue occurs only after stripe set is initialized, on which you have a fault tolerance.

If you select to use volume during the regeneration or initialization process, you get into risk of the data loss. When the initialization process gets terminated of fails, entire volume may lost. Thus, you should wait for the regeneration or initialization process to complete successfully, before using it to make sure that you have integrity and protection of all your valuable data.

In such critical situations, you need to restore your data from backup. In case if the backup is not available or damaged, you need to opt for windows recovery to get your mission-critical data back. You can easily retrieve your data through Windows Data Recovery Software.

The applications perform in-depth scan of affected drive using efficient scanning algorithms and ensure perfect recovery. The Windows Partition Recovery tools are very easy to use and thus do not demand sound and prior technical skills.

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