Using the YouTube video editor

YouTube video editor, which is available from mid-2012 to users, is a basic tool with limited features, but it can help you improve your videos quickly and easily. You can trim your clips, merge them with transitions, add text, audio track, and customize each piece of video with special effects. Everything from the editor page without installing anything. Follow our guide for editing a video to YouTube and make the best use of all the features.

Steps to edit a video on YouTube

Let’s go step by step, from the rise of a video until publication of the final project.

1. Upload a new video

The first thing you need to do is upload a video to your YouTube account so you have material to work on your project. This option is not exactly in the video editor, but it is very easy to locate. Steps:

Step 1: Sign in to YouTube and on top of the home page you’ll see the “Upload Video” located next to the search box. Click on that button.

Step 2: Search for and load a video from your computer.

Step 3: Fill out all information about your video and wait until it finishes up.

upload a video to youtube

Tip: If you’re working on a project that has multiple video clip, but do not want each independently look, check “Private” in the privacy settings, so only you will see them.

2. Enter the YouTube editor

can access the editing tool YouTube directly through the link / editor or follow these steps:

Step 1: After logging in to your YouTube account, click on the arrow next to your profile picture, located in the upper right, and drop down menu click on the “Video Manager” .

youtube editor access

Step 2: In the new screen, select the tab “Video Editor”.

tab select the video editor

3. Your workspace

ubiques you quickly find all the tools, we will explain each of the elements of the editor:

a. My videos: see the full list, in chronological order of your uploaded videos.
b. Creative Commons licensed videos: contains a gallery of Creative Commons licensed videos that you can use for your project.
c. Audio: sample library audio tracks approved by YouTube that you can use in your projects. The list is extensive and has several limitations, but the mood and help you put background music to your videos end.
d. Transitions: are effects that apply to join the fragments of videos.
e. Text: contains text effects to add to the project.
f. Search: will help you quickly find video clips and audio tracks to add to your project.
g. Multimedia File Picker: In this area you can see and test the video clips, audio tracks, transitions and text effects.
h. Project Menu: From this menu you can manage all your projects, create new, delete, continue editing and publishing a project.
i. Video player: It will help you see all the changes and developments in your edit.
j. Timeline: is your main area of ​​work, there’ll join, will organize your editarás and video clips, transitions and text.
k. Zoom: This slider allows you to enlarge or shrink the timeline.
l. Audio section: here you add and edit audio tracks.

your work espoacio

4. Add fragments videos

Start with your project by adding all the videos you need, you can use your own video or find the selection Creative Commons. To add a video clip you just have to drag and drop it on the timeline or you can also click on the plus sign (+) to be found in the upper right corner of each video.

Add video fragments

If you want to see the content of a video before adding it to your project, just click on it to play it, it automatically opens in a small window. Note that only allows a maximum of 50 video clips and you can change the order of clips in the timeline just by dragging them from one place to another.

5. Trim videos

your new project may not need to use the content of each video you’ve added so you can trim your size for only seconds or minutes required. To trim a piece click on the title of the video you want to edit, which appears when the cursor is over. You’ll see two white bars appear, one on each side of the video, just pulling them to the center to shorten the size. The video player can see how it is becoming your edition.

trim video

Note that YouTube is rudimentary editor, so you can only shorten the size of a video, but not split into two or more parts. That is, you can only delete content at the beginning or end of the video. If you need to keep only the central part again have to drag a copy of the clip and trim on each side, so that at the end about the two fragments.

6. Customize each video clip

can also optimize each video clip, just resting your cursor over each clip you’ll see three buttons, each performs a different action: rotate, add effects and add text. Click each button to customize the content and end do not forget to save your changes.

personalize fragments videos

Rotate a video clip: click on the arrows to change the orientation of the clip 90 degrees to the left or right.

Add effects to a video clip: you can adjust the brightness and contrast, convert to black and white, and stabilize to record video if you moved the camera a bit. Activate the preview to see what results will be and we can suggest you the “I’m feeling lucky” that automatically adjusts effects to enhance your video.

Adding text to a video clip: write titles or comments to your videos and customize the size, color and background.

customize text and rotate video

7. Transitions and text


editor also has several options to put between the videos. There is a gallery of transitions that can be used to join the fragments and text effects to add titles and other annotations. Like the videos, just drag it to the timeline to add to the project.

transitions and text

8. Add background music


acclimate your video with a musical background? The editor gives you the ability to choose an audio track in your library, but you can only use those songs, I still can not upload your own music. Click the audio tab and choose a track editor, you can filter by genre and artist.

To hear a song before adding it to your project just click on the play button. When you have the right, click on the plus (+) of the track or drag it to the audio section, which is below the timeline.

Audio tracks have several restrictions. You can not just cut them and choose a specific section, the song will start from the beginning and stop when the video reaches the end, so it can be cut sharply. Also if you use one of the tracks for your project, you can no longer participate in the revenue sharing program YouTube.


yes there are some actions you can take: Choose to hear only the music track and the audio of the video, note the music track, put equal volume music and the original audio of the video, or highlight the video audio volume.

Add Audio Track

9. Post

When you’ve finished editing your project and have ready the last thing left to do is put a title and publish it. Click the “Publish” button and wait until YouTube finishes processing the video.

post a video

10. Example :

This is a little test I made using all the tools YouTube Editor:

Advice and tips

Improve your video in a single click: to upload a new video to YouTube platform, the system will detect if you can use the tool for improvement, to optimize light and recording stability. The video displays a notification informing you that you can automatically apply improvements.


Although you can make cuts and add effects, YouTube editor is not the best solution to achieve a professional edition. But it is a tool to tide saving or add one more little details to optimize your recording. It is also a simple and useful service for those just starting up videos, home video enthusiasts, and users who want a lightweight editor for your mobile devices.

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