“Valley Girls” enter Nanshan Software Park

Yesterday, the “girls” Webmaster small valley Hyun told reporters, “Valley girls” team will assist the Government to encourage the development of network industries, wind, try to create a new network myths and miracles.


Hyun told reporters, “Valley Girls” will soon be stationed at Nanshan Software Park, “Valley Sister ‘After months of development, all aspects of the data are drawn, but because hackers who have made our views have been affected, however, we place in the world increase and domestic. At the moment, until the 5624 ranking of the world, ranking in the country has risen to 259. original sister Valley ‘teamwork in a small room, with a growth site, the demand for space has also increased. “

Shenzhen Nanshan District, as the site grew, “Valley Girls” won the Nanshan Science and Technology Agency attention and concern. Small-hyun said: “A few days ago, we found the head of Nanshan Science and Technology to report the sister of the valley and our future through the development plan, the person responsible is to support sister of the valley “network development, and on-site position will soon be organized,” the careful research of the valley Sister ‘will try to help the sister Valley team for the “Valley Sister” Supporting the development services of well-connected, the train traffic on the local network business. “

Small-hyun said today, Nanshan scientific and technical council agreed that “girls” are stationed at Valley Nanshan Software Park. “Soon, we can go now. Software in the park, we will better support services, “the valley of Sister ‘will also focus its own affairs. “

Small-hyun said after the Nanshan Software Park presence, will be implemented immediately. “Currently, we have established a sales team. Members of us during the eight members of the team, as well as two new members. “

the general network “girls” Valley of the technical content of the question, small-hyun said The Girls Next “valley” to recruit the network master, we will develop its own search engine. “

When a reporter said to form an R & D team and the operations team may need huge amounts of money, small-hyun said, was approached with several risk: “We can that tens of millions of funds already expressed its willingness to invest. “

Speaking of hacking things, small-hyun said that girls “valley” of security personnel have been discovered by anti-tracking, address most of the pirates from the United States .

Hackers continued, “Valley girls’ team did not give up and fight against piracy. Small-hyun said, “Now, with 8 years of security technology by adding a new team member boats, server security, some protection, but now the server is still under attack, we have replaced the server group, tolerance stronger in the coming days, we will improve the security of the server. “

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