vertical search Middleware

Product Overview:

Chinese name: middleware vertical search
English name: Search Engine middleware development
Abbreviation: SED MiddleWare
Current version: 2.0

Major customers and applications:

software vendors, vertical search engine provides middleware technology base and development interface larger secondary.

Functions and features:

(1) Core Technology

Module Reptile
search engine Web / Web Spider unstructured information extraction technology of web content extraction block multi-language, encoding format, search engines automatically identify word seamless integration with the module database
Word Thesaurus based on technical vocabulary and semantic analysis based on advanced techniques for segmentation, in Chinese place names identification processing module
Intelligence Summary, keywords, automatic extraction of classification, the grouping of information on fingerprints re-search full-text search Pinyin Module
retrieval system, full-text distributed system to help 100 millions of data, multiple servers collaborative research
server requirements:

(1) CPU: P4 2.0 or higher
(2) Memory: 2 g or more
(3) HDD: 80 GB or higher
(4) Network Bandwidth Allocation: shared 100 million, or over 10 million exclusive

Performance Indicators:

(1) to support the deployment of multi-platform distribution
(2) to assist 100 million data
(3) requests within an average of 0.5s
(4) The daily volume of data capture and update more than one million

Other services:

(1) free mail, QQ, MSN technical support services
(2) without technical support forum
(3) Free Service 7 × 24 hours hotline
(4) development without technical support from secondary
(5) free services deployment system
(6) in a year of free upgrades
(7) life free Patch Service


(1) documentation of the system interface
(2) API Manual url generator


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