Vigilance “QQ thieves” coveting your QQ number Liang

Kaspersky Labs has detected a service called “QQ Thief,” the Trojan Daohao.Le Trojan designed to steal user account number and password QQ. “QQ thieves” generally interconnected by website downloader Trojans and through downloading user’s computer infecté.Les users of infected computers, the Trojan output a malicious file in a folder system, and it will create a key registry, so that a malicious program on achieving démarrage.Qui was published SVCH0ST.EXE malware disguised as SVCHOST.EXE normal, even if the user can see the process manager will be taken to a file normal and are ignorés.Par Therefore, the Trojans have some cachés.programme attacker to run, closes almost all domestic software well known anti-virus and firewall software feu.Sera published simultaneously calling function build a DLL file in the global keyboard hook, waiting for an opportunity to steal the user to enter a QQ account and password passe.Et the user without the knowledge of these steal important information to be sent to the mailbox, causing heavy losses to the user.

Currently, Kaspersky was able to kill “QQ thieves” Trojan horse, we recommend that you update the virus database to kill as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary losses.

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