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Information network Twitter in real time, in order to provide their mobile users a new way to share videos on the Internet, presented his new application called Vine enabling style video sharing their Tweets. This means that the new app, for now only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch with version 5.0 or later system to iOS, allows recording short videos with a maximum of 6 seconds.

Thus microblogging network will eventually integrating its service with multimedia. Recall that, in the beginning, only allowed to write tweets. Then together with Instagram users could share their photos, and after separation Twitter developed its own application to share photos directly from your social site social. Now, after that in October 2012, the company acquired Vine presents a new alternative for micro share videos. Then let’s see what this application, which certainly give much to talk about.

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What is Vine?

is a mobile service that allows you to create and share videos through from smartphones, one could also say that it is the new social network Twitter that offers a new way to share videos through mobile devices. Currently, this application despite having been acquired by blue bird netting, operates independently. But is integrated with the social platform.

Vine has a design similar to Instagram, as well as the filter for images with a timeline to view the videos published. In addition, the app allows micro movl posted video sharing on Twitter and Facebook. This means that videos of Vine may accompany tweets, ie inscrustados can go in the message, as shown by Dick Costolo, CEO microblogging network, who posted a video on its social features.

Vine Features:

The idea of ​​this integration is to give users the ability to create innovative things only capture images and sounds in a maximum of 6 seconds. Among the benefits Vine provides users include:

      Uploading videos

    • unlimited and free.

Share the videos

  • Instantly Vine’s profile on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Find more people to interact with them.
  • Find what the current trends in the social network.
  • Find what are the most popular publications in the social network.
  • We can publcar
  • videos with Hashtags or labels like microblogging network



How start using Vine?

Download the application Vine:

  1. First check that you have an iPhone or iPad Touch with a version of at least 6.0.
  2. Now head to the App Store app store, search for the app and give clisk Vine to download.
  3. Once you’ve done the download, proceed to register. You can do it with your email or faster with your Twitter account.
  4. After registering a window with sample videos and the same site will recommend friends. If you want to follow your Twitter or Facebook contacts just have to give click the “Profile” button located at the top right of the app.


Record and share videos

To upload videos

    1. just simply enter the mobile application and click on the camera icon located on the top of the window. To begin to get familiar with the new service, it will show an introductory video on Vine.
    2. When you have the idea that you are recording, press the screen. Immediately you will see a bar indicating loading and recording time.
    3. end recording press the “next”. A window appears where you can edit the video (title, tags, comments). Then choose the social networks where network or want to share the recording. There is even an option to set the location of the recording from which it was recorded.
    4. Now you just need to upload the video to the selected network and ready!


Video: How to record and share a video I came

Advice and tips

    • The application offers six seconds of video and can make it more attractive to build a small sequence several times. Also you can put together a very entertaining video with pictures taken from the cell.
    • Remember that videos are shared with Vine appear option “cards created for each mensaje.Para play the recording you just click on the” View Media “, which has a continuous loop that repeats the sequence several times.


No doubt this new mobile application will allow users Vine spark your creativity to express their opinions, feelings, emotions and more via a video that lasts only 6 seconds maximum.

Users interested in

download Vine just have to enter the App Store.

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