Webmaster story 7: Unit against QQ games, online limited mind

Xiao Zhao is managing a company’s network of cultural communication, the responsibilities of the job is to maintain the internal network of computers, usually computer repair, install application software, etc. are very comfortable on Xiao Zhao is one thing, while the contact network problems General Xiao Zhaosemblaient larger, so usually no more work compliqué.Cependant, recent Xiao Zhao received instructions from management, Xiao Zhao require a week to work in the company’s internal computer to play games Gezhongwangluo shield Wan Quan Shi Jian Diao Ling Dao Isolate QQ games, games Ourgame, online game amusantcentre the game in China, Shanghai Hotline and games plus.temps the original, because not a lot of business this year, probably affected by the economic downturn, more workload Society staff was very little, both idle, so working hours playing games online for people more plusplus plus.Et a colleague within the company time to play online games to be driven discovered, called to head the Office of the curse lasts sharply Xiao Zhao repas.lieu work because of the direction of the Office of the past are heard.

you come too, the collapse of business this year, hence the need for concerted efforts of everyone in the company, the hard times that we should work dur.Par Therefore, Xiao Zhao was able to understand the mood of the direction.Allé forward and began to try to block network games Xiaozhao.

networking Xiao Zhao based on their own experience, I feel if you really want to protect online games, online games need to know the port, the network game server IP address, then the through the firewall of the company can be atteints.Par Therefore, Xiao Zhao try a web search for a port online gambling

Games Ourgame TCP 3300 – Chess

TCP Ourgame 3400 – Siguojunqi

TCP 4000 ~ 4010 Ourgame-Gicq


Games 8000 Shanghai Hotline


Games 8003 Shanghai Hotline


Games 8012 Shanghai Hotline


Games 8013 Shanghai Hotline


Games 8014 Shanghai Hotline


Games 8015 Shanghai Hotline


Games 8016 Shanghai Hotline


Games 8017 Shanghai Hotline


Games 8026 Shanghai Hotline

9, the Chinese online games: from 8000 to 8100

TCP 8000 China Game Center – Hall

TCP 8001 Game Center China – Billiards

TCP 8004 China Game Center – Mahjong

TCP 8011 China Game Centre – Go

TCP 8012 Game of the China Centre – Junqi

TCP 8018 games in China Centre – great ways strange

TCP 8032 games in China Centre – land speculation

10, King of Kings: 1234 – 1238, 4002,4999,5002,9002

11 Gametea

Port number

metal Twill: 4202

12, TCP 7000 ~ 7200 Grand Legend


TCP 7000 World Grand

TCP 7080 Grand Legend


TCP 7100 World Grand

TCP 7200 ~ 7205 legend largest in the world

TCP 41820 Grand Fengkuangtanke

TCP 44405 9c miracle MU

Paradise 2 TCP 6666

Paradise 2 TCP 7777

TCP 8001 online winner


TCP 2050 Empire games online

TCP 8000 Shanghai Hotline games channel, the center of the game in China

TCP 9696 GB Network in China

TCP 4000

world online games winger

TCP 8300 ~ 8400 chars baby

TCP 5050 Gallant, communication with

TCP Hao Fang Games 1203

TCP 4300 on drowning

TCP 7000 on drowning

Fantasy Westward Journey TCP 21188

TCP 27545

Fantasy Westward Journey – Download

TCP 7488 Westward Journey – Shanghai Area

TCP 7388 Westward Journey – Jiangsu Area

Voyage Century TCP

Hall TCP 3838,4848,29865 Bubble

Hall UDP3869 6869 29851 29853 3986 9889 9977 Bubble

TCP 6661

food fencer Love

Baby Magic

TCP 9014

Xiao Zhao

chance, many network port looking jeu.Xiao Zhao try to add these ports inside the firewall test and found Ourgame, China, have limited the game and were therefore other small games online without problème.Xiao Zhao QQ more important to continue to search for games, but from the network to see some of the items are not positive that the restriction of QQ Games or other, while providing a shield QQ games, but manufacturers often need to buy a special router or firewall feuet other hardware devices, Xiao Zhao think it is makers advertising place.Est it really so difficult to control the game QQ Why?

Xiao Zhao suddenly remembered that can make the use of packet capture tools to sniff the transmission characteristics of QQ Games, Xiao Zhao from the Internet to download software sniffer Sniffer, then enter the process transmission QQ games, hard work pays off after connecting several QQjeu after sniffed a few times, Xiao Zhao got some connection characteristics of QQ Games QQ QQ games and chat software itself has a very good relationship they are interdépendants.Tout first login after the game QQ QQ can open the game, and games QQ log server IP and port are the same and the QQ software itself, ie they are Tencent QQ server server partagé.Tencent goes without saying that the rich and Tencent did not know how many clusters of servers, the server is difficult to estimate the total, so by blocking the IP address of the server so Tencent QQ to disable the game is not very realistic, you know, Tencent has continued to increase égalementa server in real time! Meanwhile, Xiao Zhao also noted that the only connection port QQ games, including some not commonly used ports such as 4000, including some frequently used ports, such as port 8000, even including the 80 ports and 443 ports and if parmoyen limit port blocking QQ Games is not possible to connect, Xiao Zhao QQ can also think of a complete occlusion, based on the register against QQ QQ to intercept the connection to the game, but the inhabitants of the staff through business QQne ah, then the work of Xiao Zhao: Without prejudice to the circumstances QQ QQ chat games prohibit large.Par Therefore, Xiao Zhao stoppage of play QQ QQ difficile.Jeux work very truly become the cornerstone of management Xiao Zhao network

Xiao Zhao

the Internet to search for the control of QQ games, from a very technical section, Xiao Zhao learned some hard with a traditional control based on IP and port number of applications network can be based on applicationsignature layer, that is, the application of these characteristics of the network transport protocol of how to do this is to use technical terms referred to DPI (deep packet inspection), and In this way the access to the signature application layer can also be some software reniflantl’accès the only requirements are a very good knowledge of network protocols, part of connaissances.Heureusement, Xiao Zhao has a good ability to learn quickly from the Internet to find relevant articles of the Convention to catch a class day is basically a network protocol analyzer to capture some of techniques.Toutefois the corporate firewall, the router is the product of entry level, do not support the application layer to add some elements of the signature field or agreement, so that even Xiao Zhao analysis of these characteristics, or need network devices can be effectively ah.Donc applied, this means that the leadership Xiao Zhao to the company must apply for the network equipment concerned may, Xiao Zhao is also aware of the initial network equipment from the Internet to only large companies such as Cisco, Huawei can provide, and these dispositifsfacilement tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of citations Xiao Zhao surprised plusieurs.Or, slow business, so little income, but to conduct such a high purchase price of equipment network, let alone leadership, the game is, chances are also essential leadership flour, Xiao Zhao think he gave the road sub-blocmorts.

being very depressed when Xiao Zhao, Xiao Zhao in a forum on the day that some management software home network can block the game on the network LAN.Xiao Zhao understanding others and find internet access called software, network management applications can be faites.Xiao Zhao also understand that some of the hardware architecture of the network management system can do, but the prices are ridiculously élevés.Ainsi, Xiao Zhao, he decided to closer Network Systems.Du Poly Health Network official website (URL: http://www.grabsun.com/) download, network system, follow the instructions to install and configure the right, Xiao Zhao, in accordance with rules laid down by the manufacturer has created a test strategy surveillancejeu QQ, then start blogging systems, networks, and Xiao Zhao trying to control your computer and use your computer connection games QQ, QQ Games found some time after the opening session, advice can not connect, check the line réseausituation.Et Xiao Zhao abolished control of their computer is play immediately QQ soft landing, and Xiao Zhao burst of ecstasy, QQ Games finally help limit a!

Xiao Zhao quickly contact the factory Poly Health Network Management System Consulting offers and conditions of service, its price is relatively inexpensive, while enjoying a payment, use for life, free updates for life which saves the company of coûtsah.Xiao Zhao demonstrated leadership to the company immediately, the system QQ Game Network Block situation, also received recognition of leadership, leadership also agreed to buy a set of systems closed, the Network in order to achieve a full range of network management.

Xiao Zhao

purchase network system manufacturers offer great difficulty through the traditional limitations of network lock control method rules, Xiao Zhao, as she can click on these networks to achieve the control the game, while Poly Networksociété Health Management also offers a number of control rules online gambling, Xiao Zhao also a mouse click on the realization of the control of many games ligne.Pendant this time, manufacturers are constant improvement of the control of various online games, which in turn eliminates worries Xiaozhao.

Now, Xiao Zhao block all online games have become experts to achieve networking relaxed, comfortable,

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