Websense acquired by an investment fund to almost $ 1 billion

Almost $ 1 billion. No it is not the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo, but that of Websense, a specialist content filtering and security data streams connected to the Internet by Vista Equity Partners U.S. investment fund. The amount of the transaction is valued at approximately $ 906 million by our colleagues at Bloomberg at a rate of $ 24.75 per share. Is a bonus of nearly 29% compared to the price of Websense May 17 Once the redemption consumed Websense become private, the group said in a statement. And along the same route as Dell, who also decided to leave the U.S. stock quotes.

John Carrington, chairman of the board of directors of Websense, said to have an assessment of the various proposals of buyers.

For its fiscal 2012, Websense had published a turnover of $ 361.5 million decreased slightly by year (364.2 million dollars in 2011). Net income was $ 3.8 million, against $ 10.37 million in 2011.

Websense offers a range of security tools called Triton and solutions for email protection, data and data mobility environment.

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