What is a tag and RFID middleware bridge program?

See the current range

range of RFID applications, most companies would like to ask the first question is: “How can I existing systems with these new connection RFID Reader?” The nature of the problem is that systems applications and business matérielproblèmes interface. Consequently, the permeability is the key to any application, rightly data entry to ensure the reliability of data reading and data transfer to back-end systems are taken into compte.Les traditional applications and between applications (application to application) data through the transparent middleware solution architecture and develop a variety of application software Application Server Similarly, middleware solutions architecture design becomes an application RFIDLa basic technology essential.

RFID tags and RFID middleware plays an intermediary role between applications from a client application uses a set of middleware provides an interface to the application of the joint program (API) that can be connected to the player RFID RFID read data tag.Ainsi, even if the RFID tag information storage or back-end database software to add or modify replaced by another program, or read-write RFID readers and other types of increase occurs, the application can manage without modifying the client, eliminating the need dede many many connections to keep the complexity of the problem.

Manager to manage the system using RFID middleware

RFID middleware is a message-oriented middleware (Message-Oriented Middleware, MOM), information (Information) is a message (Message) in the form of transfer from one program to another or several programmes.L information may be asynchronous (Asynchronous) transmission, if carriers should not wait for a message-oriented réponse.middleware includes features not only the delivery (Passage) information must also include the interpretation of data, security, data dissemination , error recovery, the location of network resources, the cost of the road, priorities and requirements messageet extension debugging tools and other services.

RFID middleware architecture can be divided into two types:

oriented applications (Application Centric) The concept is provided by the manufacturer via RFID Reader API to form Zhijie Hot Code Reader to read data written specific adapter and sent to the application or back-end database data access system etsystèmes or back-end services, in order to concatenation.

centric architecture (Infrastructure Centric) with the complexity of enterprise applications has increased, companies can not load code so hot for each adapter application programming, standardization and other questions both business Ke Yi Chang Shangsuo consider providing middleware specifications standardle RFID.Ainsi, even if the information stored in RFID tags software database replaced by other software instead of, or read-write RFID tags and RFID Reader species increase occurs, the application side can cope without modification.

RFID Middleware


In general, RFID middleware has the following features:


structure (insulation Infrastructure) RFID middleware between the RFID reader and between independent and back-end applications, and work with multiple RFID reader and multiple back-end applications to connect to reduce the structure and entretiencomplexité.

flow data (Data Flow) RFID The main objective of the entity object in the information environment of virtual objects, RFID data processing functions are most importantes.middleware RFID collection data filtering, integration and delivery and other functions to correct the information reached the target enterprise application back-end.

stream processing (process flow) RFID middleware reuse the program logic and memory transfer (store-and-forward) must work to ensure the order of message flow with a flow of design data and management.

Standard (Standard) RFID applications for automatic data acquisition with identifying objects physiques.EPCglobal is studying for a variety of products, the world number one universal identification proposal standard is EPC (Electronic Product Code). EPC in the supply chain system for a string of numbers identifying a specific product through the RFID tag read by the RFID reader, the transfer to the computer or application system is called Object Naming Service (Object Name, ONS). Naming Service Object locking system computer network fixed point seize new marchandises.CBE stored in the RFID tag, RFID reader to read you can provide to track objects, represented by the EPC and related information, and immediately the identification and sharing of data in the supply chain of products, efficient delivery of information transparency.

face a variety of RFID applications, the first question to the user is: “How existing systems with the new connection RFID Reader

In fact, the problem is the application of systems and user interface issues matérielle.Dans RFID applications, permeability is the key to any application, just as data entry, to ensure the reliability of data reading and transfer of data to back-end systems are taken into compte.des data between legacy applications through middleware architecture transparent solution, and thus developed a variety of software Application Server.

role of middleware in the system and the location of

RFID hardware and RFID middleware plays an intermediary role between applications using the middleware of the demand side has provided a range of common programming interface (API), which can make the connection with the RFID reader . Thus, even if the RFID tag data storage or back-end database software to add or modify replaced by another program, or read-write RFID readers and other types of increase is product, the application can manage without modifying the client résoudrede many many connections to keep the complexity of the problem.

Three stages of development

development trend, RFID middleware can be divided into three broad categories:

Application Middleware (middleware) stage of development

The rapid development of RFID technology to integrate multiple RFID reader cascade in the purpose of this phase are mostly active RFID reader manufacturers provide a simple API for enterprise systems and back-end reader RFID connected série.Pour the overall development framework and import them into their own business to move forward Xuduochengben Chu Li Tong Ji connected and back problems are usually adopted by companies in the pilot phase to assess cost-effectively and in a crucial question.

Architecture Middleware (middleware infrastructure) stage of development

This step is crucial growth phase middleware RFID.Comme a powerful application of RFID, Wal-Mart and the U.S. Department of Defense and other major users of RFID technology have progressed to plan and carry the pilot project completed import, to promote the sustained attention of international companies in terms of market RFID.Cette stage of development of RFID middleware not only has the collection of data, filtering and other functions, but also to respond to the many businesses (appliances applications) needs connectivity and management platform and maintenance functions.

solution middleware (middleware solution) stage of development

Future RFID tags, readers and middleware, the maturation of development, the company has made for different areas of application of innovative solutions, such as Manhattan Associates presented “RFID in a” box, companies are not required for the front-end RFID hardware and aprèsapplications finals to worry about the connection between the company and the cooperation TechnologyCorp Alien RFID hardware side in the development of Microsoft. NET middleware platform for Existing Development Corporation 900 clients supply chain Supply Chain Execution (SCE) SolutionL’utilisation original Manhattan Associates SCE Solution business simply by “RFID in a Box”, the original application can quickly use RFID to improve the transparency of the management of the supply chain.

management of both applications

According to ABI Research Inc. forecasts, by 2008 the needs of industries in the world created by the RFID market size to $ 200 billion, including approximately $ 4.7 billion software market in 2007, RFID, integration services revenues will exceed revenues produits.Comme hardware technology matures, the software market of enormous potential national and international promotion of information services companies competing attention at the beginning and the investment, RFID middleware applications in the RFID industry, living in the nerve center of particular attention by international companies, demand to be futurepeut following directions:

Service-Oriented Architecture Based RFID Middleware

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the aim of establishing communication standards, break the application on the application of communication, to achieve the automation of business processes, supporting the business model innovation, so it has become more flexible to respond quickly to demande.Par Therefore, the RFID middleware in the future development, service-oriented architecture will be based on trends, to provide businesses with a more flexibility flexible service.

security infrastructure

RFID applications are increasingly challenged to the outside world RFID back-end systems connected to the base of large-scale business information can lead to security problems, particularly in the privacy of information consommateurs.Grâce to arrangement of a large number of RFID readers, human life and behavior and easy to follow as RFID, Wal-Mart, Tesco (the biggest UK retailer) are due to problems in the early RFID pilot project privacy of the user Erzao boycott and protests reçu.À this end, Philips Semiconductor and other vendors have begun volume production of RFID chips to add a “shield” caractéristique.RSA Security also announced RFID technology success of signal jamming “RSA Blocker Tags” by transmitting radio frequencies interfere with RFID reader, RFID reader misunderstandings waste collected information is missing, in order to protect the privacy of consommateursà good escient.Auto-ID Center is also course of study to meet the RFID middleware security mechanisms travail.Pensons that security is at the heart of future development of RFID is also a critical success factor.

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