what is this script error when i try to log in to a room?

what is this script error when i try to log in to a room?
Line: 7
Char: 81
Error: not enough storage is available to complete this operation
Code: 0

then it gives a path name on my hard drive and asks me if i want to continue to run scripts on this page.
whether or not i choose (Yes) or (No) when i enter the room all i can see is “Messenger Chat Admin”, and when i try to contact that user name i don’t see my text come up into the window. any help greatly appreciated.

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Answer by daddybear
are you fully up to date with following ?

*Microsystems Java.
* Adobe Flash Player version 9 or later.
* Adobe Shockwave Player.
* Windows Scripting Package.
* Look for “Windows Script 5.6” for your Operating System and follow the instructions for installing this file.
* Internet Explorer 6 SP1.

Please note: If you’re running a different version of Internet Explorer, please make sure you have the latest Service Pack for that version.

You should also visit Windows Update, a Microsoft site that checks your computer for updates and patches to correct related to your operating system and web browser components.

Please restart your computer, then try to reproduce the problem you were experiencing. If you are able to reproduce the problem, please contact us by clicking the “Contact Customer Care” button below.

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