Why register your own domain name

If you have a website but not a domain name itself, the type www.miweb.com, one should seriously consider registering. As has been said ad nauseam, a domain name is your brand on the Internet, so that others will recognize you and remember you.

The best would be to consider the registration of the domain from the first moment, when you are a web plan , objectives, how treated, the money you have, etc.. But if you have ever made ​​and you may consider this possibility later.

The importance of having a domain name

  • If you have a business or intend to have a serious site, own domain will give you credibility and a sense of stability . Free pages, the type www.geocities.com / miespacioweb / page.html may be fine if you’re serious, but to make a website or a business major is very convenient to use a domain name itself.
  • If you choose a domain name that reflects well the objectives of your site and also easy, your visitors will remember more easily and may return if you are more likely to need what you offer.
  • If you change your hosting does not have to change anything in the code of your website.Most offer free domains the companies that provide free web space, so after a while if you are unhappy with the hosting, to switch to another company will have to change web address. This is very bad for search engine optimization , because it represents a fresh start in the promotion of the domain, start climbing positions again, get links, etc..
  • If you hired a service of web hosting for your site, the domain name appears next paso.Piénsalo, you know the importance of having a good hosting, there is advertising that you have not contracted, leaving no annoying popups, quick to load and failure to a minimum. All this improves the user experience, credibility and gives you some security. A domain name reinforces the credibility of users in what you offer.

Things you need to know to register a domain

First, the annual price of a domain name is quite low , which means that it is affordable for most people who have a website. It is true that varies by country, in Spain for example can be registered for between 9-10 euros and about 20. Every so often there are offers that allow you to get domains at lowest prices yet, and there are also companies that will charge you more if you let them. The point is to compare prices and services.

It is very important that the company ensures you have control of the domain, to change the direction you point the DNS if you like and show the owner thereof. Otherwise you may have problems to direct you to another hosting, renew, etc..

Do not worry if the search for a domain name for your website you find that the words you wanted are already registered. Very often, the key is to find a balance between originality and practice.For example, maybe your flower shop will come well have www.ventadeflores.com domain, but is caught, so you may try www.ventadeflorespaco.com, or the like.

Finally, remember that the domain registration is not for life, you have to watch every year to renew and not spend the time, or else someone would come forward and renew its name, which means that all work you’ve done on the basis of what you’ve lost that domain.

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