Why the frequency of the software industry under the egg “soft”

Hen eggs under the soft charlatan.Mais be in the IT field, how these strange things happened? Some software has launched a large account easier when the software has been speculation, but it was quickly identified weaknesses, and thus lead to a number of complaints from consumers and différends.En fact, companies engaged in innovation has not tort.Beaucoup time, but also R & D promote, and the process of laying hens or less the same émouvante.Toutefois, an egg “soft” is not only self-deception companies, more importantly, consumers know the truth gradually lose confidence goodwill. Consequently, the egg “soft” phenomenon does not disappear in the software industry on the 1st, 3.15 has always correction.

“Egg” a: followership, also known as innovation

March 2006 15 year old boy Ren Wei music became new design “antivirus smart star” was the first software design and Youth Innovation Competition Henan highest distinction, and was vice-governor of approval. behalf, the software analyzes the file on the hard disk 10G less than 1 minute, the software has also joined the innovative character of redundant files and program design error prevention and other new technologies.Plus ago with or without the acquisition of speculation, the industry time anti-virus emitting a genius!

“Certificate intelligence antivirus Star Award”

But some expertise to understand all know, 10G hard drive scan is not only a minute! 10G capacity in normal circumstances there should be about 100,000 cases, virus scanning, go through open closed files, locate the file in memory, for the identification of viruses and other operations, operating only a minute completed 100,000 files were impossible.

Second, once all the design features of antivirus software and coding can pas.Un anti-virus software have generally mature anti-virus engine, a module for external coordination, various types of surveillance systems of well-structured virus database, the module upgrade and a series of modules, each not a small technical barriers.

more versions of the question, careful users also found that the software has not only the interface Rising, Jiangmin color, safety days, the name of the software also has a file monitor to monitor memory, registry monitor, scanner monitoring, network monitoring, scanning, update the actual file module, but those modules there are also surprised Wang XX antivirus words, we can say to the Many commercial software is also called devenu.Il innovation

There will be a media question, but this “innovation” or blatant advertising on the Internet, available for download.

innovation in the software industry has become a widespread trend, we often find the words “software XX” second “challenge for the XX.” Ambiguous, modification, and eventually to the actual disguised plagiarism.

The second phenomenon

fresh egg: the fashion experience indigestion

author of the survey by the IT market, some consumers blindly follow the trend of the mentality of consommateurs.Il These include a number of small and medium entreprises.Par example, some companies are not worship the ERP from the real needs of companies, but the exaggeration of high technology in the software business management, status and rôle.Dans a press conference after the software company, a business owner has told this reporter: I visited the country several large companies, but do not know where one options.Lorsque watching shows that ERP systems are functional, but found problems with them . That is the question? “

In fact, this is due to the convergence of ERP software, and therefore, to judge the administration of the company is also ambigu.En result, some companies for the love of fashion, implementation of ERP system in foreign advanced, using only discover that companies simply can not digest process requiring foreign ERP system, implementation costs huge can not afford, treatment had to be cold on the system ERP.Cela shows the convergence of the environment of the consumer market software, the software on the envelope of the blind mode is causing a certain elegance surface, but in reality there is no chance to display their software pointless reasons.


blind pursuit of “foreign” brand, ask the software’s ability unlimited storage, continued operation at high speed, such as installing software, downloading a few seconds film and thus ignored reality.

Any technology has its own value, and all the technologies of software development is not a panacée.Nous should have our own position not only advertising information, blindly follow the trend, leading to bloat.

Three egg phenomenon: the self-creation of innovative concepts in


software innovation, or imitate blindly? Under the direction of a financial press, said it was old N there frites.Toutefois about it before, it is regrettable that this problem has, in the domestic software industry is still no response.

As we all know, there is a convergence of business management software ERP, ERP software major companies lack the management mode of extraction, based on the management model for the development of existing enterprises ERP is still “new shoes, take the old road.” Lead Developer of contact with consumers, this innovative concept, in fact, is only speculation.

famous ERP in China’s media conference, a magazine editor would bluntly: “I do ERP News has been for years, let me choose the most appropriate home for our magazine ERP , I want to talk about the conflict of the heart, where it is good, but I do not know where you can give us a good management can bring benefits. “

Today, the antivirus software market is also a major landscape software marché.Célèbre for nothing more than Jiangmin, Rising, Kingsoft, Trend Micro and if peu.Toutefois, consumers can clearly distinguish between the number of people, their expertise anti-virus at the end what is it? Interestingly Down, Trend Micro antivirus and Jinshan introduced the U disk, all that is the first to offer their antivirus software can be moved. Both companies believe that their real antivirus U disk, and the other is not même.Mais at the end what is the difference? consumers is to use that look almost the same.

“Death Court ERP, ERP is not to die”, the classical synthesis of the past? Several known domestic ERP vendors have both noted that “this argument is passed, the innovation ERP has entered a new era. “

However, in response to a reporter’s question, can not find a complete example of business success can not answer when will be happy to throw “hat stall trade secret.” Is it really what lies behind a secret? Ie: we have several manufacturers of similar products to products with WHO in addition to service a bit different, the rest, I’m afraid not much différence.Pour consumers it can only smoke and mirrors.

ERP is an advanced management mode, the rapid development in China, especially Kingdee, UF Digital China for its benchmark, the software was in the forest of the world have place.Toutefois, they do not own their unique and innovative, the whole concept is difficult to fight a protracted war of spéculation.Ceci is just a representative one.

Some analysts believe that China-made software compared to ERP, ERP is something specific treatment was to go with the international market, as domestic manufacturers still lag behind international companies.


egg phenomenon: “Made in China” even in piracy

Is well known, “Made in China” has become a pejorative term, causes and software manufacturers in China made progress, the blind production is directly related to low-end products, but the standards of the industry are also important causes of non-Government standard.Le software market and unregulated, such as formulating a national standard, and if the investigation file of the manufacturer of fake and poor quality.

regulatory software market is not enough, as the use of not clearly indicate that the description is vague.Couplé management network lax network of inadequate monitoring download software Download hasard.Il are also offers plug-in software, online openly available for download, not only violated the interests of software, some consumers are so wrong.

software market mass, early 90s of last century, Jinshan WPS was the most scared rival.Or Microsoft, as the popularity of pirated software, but also benefit the domestic prices of détroit.En more procurement in a number of orders received, WPS actual number of users at the base of the faithful are not optimistes.En fact, Microsoft has carefully organized almost never touched on the offensive WPS.L absence of platform control standard, which causes even national innovation software can not completely win the market competition.

Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun

each at a news conference, involving the software asks you: “First Microsoft and piracy, to survive in the cracks in the software is authentic house, where is the exit?

According to the survey

foreign authorities, China and Russia, the highest piracy rates were as high as 90% and 87%. spite of the world’s largest personal computer market, but China is not become 20, the global software market, one of the reasons is that many PCs are running software piratés.Bien that the Chinese government has set a timetable for the fight against software piracy, but successful limited.

standard five phenomenon soft eggs: testing egg “soft” is soft

In recent years, the rapid development of the software industry in China, the problems of software quality are increasingly importante.demande national software product quality control center of the large number of results in software testing showed that some of the software in terms of quality there are some common problems, mainly in four aspects:

product characteristics and specifications provided by the differences, some functions can not be used;
In fact, the complete system and the gap between user needs, product or system can not reach the desired objectives;
performance is not stable enough, the product quality defects that exist in the system affect the normal operation;
product documentation, incomplete information to the user of use and post-upgrade difficult.
Chinese Academy of Engineering Ni Guangnan said the new “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, which to buy house software set a goal of 60%. Consequently, Software made abroad should learn from the advanced experience, but if the quality of relationships we should delay the release, do not blindly immature software version.

recent years, because there is no industry standard for maturity, regulators and consumers the origin of open a ridiculous joke.

In 2006, a consumer in a shopping center in Jinan bought a Fuji digital camera, complaints about the software industry in the last page of the manual for information “important” column clearly written: “In any case, because queL’utilisation this product can not use this product caused by general, special, direct or indirect, secondary, and other damage Huo (Bao Kuo Sun Shihuo saving measures benefits arising from the loss), Fuji Jishi foreknew queEtats the possibility of damage, without liability. “And also the manual: Once a user to open the camera software package, it means to accept and undertake to abide by the agreement.

consumers, after reading the manual for the device, but do not use it, and because “user license agreement” clause was a serious violation of consumer rights.

After this incident

media, consumers and manufacturers have the Sino-CASE thrown away, but in this case after the case, but never below.

In fact, similar to complaints from Fuji incidents occur every day around nous.Un important debate is: What is the standard at the end? If the test standard is soft, it is just not a lot of control and management du.Que consumers can listen to his left to explain.

Therefore, some experts have recommended in the standards, the reform of the current standard Ti Xi Fa industry organizations Hui corresponds closely qiye benefit of the industry, encourage Xiekuaicenyu standards, leading to standards industry, unified platform Kaifa, management platforms, testing platforms, and the platform Zhiliang.Protection intellectual property may be industry organizations arise to replace the software outsourcing signed the Convention on the protection of intellectual property rights of self-regulation.

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