Will develop a mobile version of Mozilla Firefox

was informed yesterday of the foreign press: the driver of the mobile version of the browser after the development of thinking, Mozilla has recently hired two new developers to contribute to the development of the project, the company plans some time this year next, after the official launch of the mobile version of Firefox.

some extent, the Mozilla browser on the phone once more interested Shiran be attributed to new phone Apple iPhone Popular mobile.Schroepfer, vice president of Mozilla in a blog wrote: “It is clear users mobile devices need a full browsing experience, if it is not very clear on this point before, it is very clear after the iPhone was released. “

As Mozilla continues to develop Mozilla2 (Second Edition platform Firefox), the company added mobile devices as a category développement.Cela means that the development of the new platform, developers will Mozilla2 also concerned about the mobile version of your navigateur.Comme expected Mozilla2 be completed in early 2009.

Taking into account the compatibility problem, Mozilla could face competition from companies such as Microsoft and Apple and Microsoft have the concurrence.Apple their own browser-based operating system for many years mobile.Il mobile development provider Opera Software third party software.

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