Windows 7 RTM – Starter Edition (HD)

This version of Windows is Windows 7 Starter Edition Release to Manufacturing Build 7600. The main features stripped from this version of Windows 7 is 1) You have no personalization option whatsoever with the exception of changing the screen resolution and the option to change the theme to the Windows Classic Scheme (to do this, click Start, Control Panel, Appearance, Display(On the left) and click Change color scheme. Thanks to penguinisnuts for providing this information). 2) Many applications have not been included, such as the DVD Maker, etc. 3) Of course, it does NOT have the Aero Interface Microsoft has removed the 3 application limit. I ran 5 programs at once to test this, but no more, since it slowed down considerably (this was done in a virtual machine). I also cut the time it took to boot up, which was maybe 1 minute 30 seconds (it took a while, since it was in the VM). It of course does have the new fancy boot screen, although it will change to the Vista boot screen if you have a netbook or a monitor whose native resolution is below 1024×786. Comment if you have a question, I’ll be happy to answer it for you. Video song: Starman by David Bowie

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