Windows 8: CIOs not convinced by features

From the 12 CIO Jury TechRepublic, the innovations introduced by Microsoft does not justify at this stage a migration to Windows 8. Functional changes to the company are judged by a large majority of CIOs, as insufficient compared to Windows 7.

The Windows 8 presentations were initially concentrated on mass-market, although occasionally a keynote at CeBIT 2012, Microsoft has promoted the idea of bridges between personal and business computing.

“The consumerization of IT – consumers bringing their technology to the workplace – is something that all companies must embrace ” said Kevin Turner , operations director of Microsoft.

No real added value for the company

Windows 8 will he take the argument that CIOs to embrace Microsoft‘s views and to make room in their information to the new platform from Microsoft? Based on 12 Jury TechRepublic DSI (CBS Interactive Group), the Redmond company has obviously more work to convince.

Only three of the twelve CIOs surveyed believe that recent additions toWindows 8 makes it an attractive option for their business. CIOs are still seeking, in ads for Microsoft, which would constitute good cause for an adoption.

“If I remain optimistic about the unification of the interface Metro on all platforms – desktop, mobile and tablet – I do not see however that as an added value in our business,” said Kevin Leypoldt, CIO at Structural Integrity Associates.

Responsible for the information systems, features such as touch, Windows 10 or Internet Explorer Store is a first draft of convergence of computing to Microsoft, more than an initiative aimed at corporate customers.

Corporate users first information producers

The DSI JD Williams, Neil McGowan, he too was not convinced by Windows 8 , considering that features additional to Windows 7 are not a major business perspective. With users mainly on traditional notebook PCs, the CIO also questioned the contribution of the interface Metro and changes to the touch.

For the CIO of Universal Lighting Technologies, Kelly Bodway, corporate users are information producers, not consumers, the features of Windows 8 is not enough motivation to implement it.

Other CIOs are less reluctant, even if it is prudence that prevails. “As the mobile is gaining importance in the business, there is value in the administration have the capacity to increase the knowledge and tools through a common OS for mobile devices and non-motile . But of course, I reserve the right to say: wait and see “and says the CIO of a U.S. court, Tom Galbraith.

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