Windows 8 is adapted to high definition display shelves

Windows 8 will be displayed on all screen sizes and up to very high definition, including on shelves equipped with 10 inch screen Retina. Microsoft wants to stay in the wheel of Apple.

No way for Microsoft to allow Apple to corner the theme of tablets feature display very high definition. One area where the manufacturer has positioned itself as a pioneer in announcing the first tablet with Retina display.

In a new post to his blog devoted to future OSWindows 8 , the editor thus emphasizes the multi-screen of its OS, in terms of screen sizes (and types of aircraft) supported, but also on the terms of resolution.

Regardless of the terminal which will be installed on Windows 8, Microsoft has set the minimum resolution for Metro applications of 1024×768. But to take advantage of all the display features of Windows 8, the publisher states that the necessary resolution will be 1366×768.

But Microsoft also adds to what level of resolution and definition, he intends to get Windows 8 based on screen sizes.

The publisher intends to be able to equip Windows 8 a tablet of 10.1 inches (equivalent to the iPad 3 ) with a screen resolution of 2560×1440, and a definition of 291 DPI. However, at present, these products do not exist.

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