Windows 8: Windows Media Center becomes a paying option

The content manager will not be integrated into the new Microsoft OS. Those who want to use it will download it against a few euros.

Revolution for the next Windows 8. Windows Media Center this default in the OS for years disappears. For diehards who still wish to use the very rigid and impractical tool Redmond, it will download it, certainly against a few dollars (the amount is unknown).

Windows Media Player will continue to be integrated natively in Windows 8 Center but its variation allows particularly to play DVDs. Translation: it will be impossible to play a DVD on native Windows 8 unless you buy the expansion or through third-party software.


Several reasons may explain Microsoft‘s decision. First, Windows Media Center is actually rather low use, criticized for its heaviness, its path to full screen imposed, users prefer to turn to more flexible solutions like VLC.Redmond take it then that act of disaffection?

Not only. It’s also about business. The integration of the application in Windows adds to the invoice of the PC on which it is installed and / or Windows license. Indeed, Windows Media Center supports codecs that must pay for licenses.

In addition, some models, mostly portable, which emphasized the tool should provide a mandatory remote. Again, the final bill was mounting.

We can therefore say that Microsoft‘s choice is both pragmatic and economic.

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