Windows can not access SLUI.EXE

Located in% WINDIR% / System32, SLUI.EXE (Windows Activation Client) is vital file for the activation of ( Windows Genuine ) operating systems Windows 7 , Windows XP and Windows Vista .
If this file is missing or can’t be accessed, it’s impossible to validate the operating system license.

“Windows can not access the Specified device, path, or file. You may note have the Appropriate permissions to access the item.”


First we must ensure that slui.exe file is in the right place. Mean in % WINDIR% / System32. If this file is missing then the worst scenario. Either it was deleted accidentally, or was deleted  by viruses or antivirus.
In this case the only option is to try to repair system ( Windows Repair ) using CD / DVD installation. If this method is unsuccessful, you should reinstall your operating system.

If the file SLUI.EXE is in his location, but can not activate the operating system, that means the user of the system on which you try to activate has no privileges (permissions) required and will be activated by the Administrator.

Enable user and administrator login on Windows 7 .

1. Open Start and type ” cmd ” in search and press Enter to open Command Prompt .

2. In Command Prompt type the following command line:

net user administrator / active: yes

3. Go to Start> Shut Down> Switch user and log as Administrator.

From the Administrator account run the  slui.exe  to activate the  operating system.

If the above methods will be helpful, it is possible that a firewall or anti-virus to be stuck running this file.

Windows can not access the SLUI.EXE Unspecified device, path, or file. You may note have the Appropriate permissions to access the item.

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