Windows – Change the default web browser

What is the default browser?

“A configuration program specifies the default programs for certain
activities, such as Web browsing or sending messages, and programs
that are accessible from the Start menu, the Office and other locations. ”
Source: Menu add or remove programs.

The interface

To get to the interface that will allow you to change the default browser:

  • Start
  • Control Panel
    • XP: Add or Remove Programs> Set Program Access and Defaults
    • Vista: Programs> Default Programs> Set the default settings of the program access and computer



  • Click Custom.
  • From the menu, find “Choose a default Web browser”

You can now choose one of the browsers installed on your machine.

To allow or disallow access to other programs, you can check the right menu to suit your needs.

Change the default browser through the browser

Otherwise it is possible to easily modify the browser (or browser) from the default one.

With Opera, choose Tools -> Preferences and select the Advanced tab and then Programs. Just then check Check if Opera is default browser on startup.

With Firefox, choose Tools tab under Options. Then click on Advanced and then start Always check that Firefox is the default browser.

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