Yahoo Mail, the best Internet webmail

If you need an email in order to use internet services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others, for then Yahoo Mail can be a great alternative in regards to the email accounts that are in Internet course.

Unlike other email accounts that are offered on the Internet, Yahoo Mail is one of the few free services that offer infinite space for storage of emails, and this is more important, especially for those who expect to receive hundreds of weekly emails.

Worth mentioning that one of the emails that have a large amount of storage is Hotmail, but in truth is a Yahoo email more complete than that of Microsoft.

Tools required for registration

  • You need to have the updated browser, this will prevent problems when you start logging in Yahoo Mail

How to create an account with Yahoo! Mail

  1. The first thing to do is join the Yahoo home page, for that you just have to click on the following  link: ( )
  2. Wait for the site redirects you to the page of your Country
  3. Once inside you must click on Register, an option that appears to the right next to “E”.
  4. It will display a form that you must fill in the following way.
    • Name: Ingrésalos in blank fields
    • Sexual Gender: Select it
    • Birthday: Enter your date of birth
    • User and Yahoo Mail: Enter a name to register the mail
    • Password: Enter a password that you can remember
    • Re-enter the password
  5. Select a security question and then put the answer
  6. Enter the word shown in the picture
  7. Finally you must click on Create My Account to complete the registration.

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