Yahoo messenger 11 new hiden emoticons 2011-2012

Download and install yahoo messenger 11 newest emoticons from here(click here). To install them unzip the smileys arhive, cut the smileys directory and go to C:Program FilesYahoo!MessengerMedia and Paste. Press Yes to All and enjoy your newest yahoo secret emoticons.

They can be used on any yahoo messenger version if you get the arhive smiles. For users of yahoo messenger 11+  is not needed to download the arhive because these emoticons are already installed on yahoo messenger 11. Yahoo messenger 11 new emoticons

cheer ~^o^~ cheer fight :(fight) fight
dizzy '@^@||| dizzy down on luck %*-{ down on luck
cook []--- cook unlucky %||:-{ unlucky
eat ^o^||3 eat gift &[] gift
give up :-(||> give up tv :(tv) tv
cold '+_+ cold studying ?@_@? studying
hot :::^^::: hot spooky :->~~ spooky
music o|^_^|o music search me '@-@ search me
vomit / puke :puke! vomit game :(game) game
sing o|~ sing high five :-)/:-) high five
catch o|:-) Catch exercise []==[] exercise


  1. elisha says:

    I have read several good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much effort you put to make such a great informative web site.

  2. MNEVERHOOD says:


  3. ron says:

    Awesome job dude. Thanks

  4. hexman says:

    I appreciate your job and I want to help you to complete your great job
    the one which you didn’t complete is catch and the code is o|:-)
    Catch o|:-)

  5. uberman says:

    uber cool man, thank you verry much

  6. moga says:

    it dosent work here

  7. mamad says:

    Cool :D
    I have Y!M 9 but it work and no need to download ! I don’t know how maybe It update itself :-??

  8. sQu says:

    i use ym11 if i want to use that icon do i have to type it manually?

    • admin says:

      you need to use them manualy, yahoo didn’t putem in the messenger list, you can bookmark this site to see them everytime you want to use them

  9. xisnoty says:

    I followed the instructions above but it didn’t show. I’m using an older version of YM. Help/

  10. mehrdad says:

    awsome . they are absoloutely coool . its WOW . I love it. for chat freaks they are like meat balls with Indian Pepper. tnx
    Mehrdad ~IR

  11. Sunny says:

    I am unable to get these new smileys, please help.

  12. H4M3D says:

    :-)/:-) haha ty

  13. just-euphoria says:

    cooll … thx for the information………………..

  14. user says:

    @ Sunny
    sometimes on localized version of ym, it doesn’t work, use US version instead.

  15. says:

    wow, thats new! thanks for sharing :D
    I was downloaded it :)

  16. lan says:


  17. ale says:

    i like these emoticons:d

  18. frndsfrevr says:

    I love the new animated emoticons & will you be adding more… lets hope so

  19. Lavinnia says:

    Hahah, verry funny emoticons.

  20. sQu says:

    i use the newest YM! but thoose emoticon doesnt showup in msg emoticon popup. or i have to type it manually ?

  21. mmm says:

    I just downloaded yahoo messenger 11..but the emoticons didnt appear? what should I do?

  22. lelemon says:

    you just need to type it.. or copy pasting it?
    anyone here got a better idea?

    • admin says:

      you can copy / paste them too. bookmark our site and come back everytime you want to see them if you don’t want to keep them all in your mind :D

  23. [email protected] says:


  24. asim says:

    i m bast

  25. shizuru says:

    You guys are so idiot…. just type that thing and it will work.. better use version 10 because v.11 is a beta only so it was not updated in emoticons……

  26. raj says:


  27. sarina says:

    be puzet ridan haha loooooooooooool

  28. Valfar says:


  29. Yak!!! says:

    cum le iau pe toate ca nu por:((

  30. NoX says:

    sorry to disapoint u dude but y!messenger 11 was released like 1 month or 2 ago xD

  31. Unk says:

    OMG what a bunch of crap. And what a liar. “Yahoo Messenger 11 comes with these already installed” No, it doesn’t. “Save this .rar file, unzip and paste all of these into your Yahoo Messenger through Program Files” No, you can’t. “Bookmark our site so you can come back and see what you have to TYPE into the messenger window for these to work” How convenient. HUGE waste of time.

  32. Don says:

    @Unk i guess you are blind. He is right, these emoticons are included in yahoo messenger 11. did you try to send a code to any of your friends?
    The .rar arhive is for older versions, not for 11.

    @Unk you nub :)

  33. morteza says:

    i downloaded the zip file & after i copied these files into i had a problem, non of my emoticons have been diplayed :-(
    even one
    all of them shown just characters
    what should i do
    i have all of them even the emoticons.xml file

  34. [email protected] says:

    kocak dah kgk bisa di copy

  35. ionut bz says:


  36. sorin m. says:

    only some of them work (with copy-paste ) any idea why?!!!

  37. AndroidLover says:

    it doesn`t appear on chat when talk with someone that has an older yahoo messenger version…

  38. BloOmy says:

    wow. awesome :x works with yahoo messenger 11

  39. Lynn says:

    I use reg Yim 10. and only a few will show up on my end (others see it) but I see a red X in box… But some of the DO work about 1/4 of the 11

  40. alex says:

    you need to copy the emoticon and paste it…becaouse we can’t install this new emoticons…and the yahoo messenger hasn’t incorporated

  41. alex says:


  42. alex says:


  43. ravenskeith says:

    hai,, i am using YM11, but i can’t seen new emoticon,, im only see old emoticon,, how to apperead it?

  44. dillon says:

    does not work on mac

  45. nonoro05 says:

    roh trawah

  46. nonoro05 says:

    je vous d rencontres

  47. Alex says:

    works great

  48. Grace says:

    Hai! I have Yahoo! Messenger 11, already checked on folder Smileys, they are there, but they dont appear on YM, why?

    Previously, I installed YM 11 in Bahasa, they appeared, but not now

  49. newbie says:

    cn not see new emoticon.just see old emoticon???can tech step by step??

  50. streaming live tv channel says:

    if i use my yahoo and i chating with other person with BB, i cant use this emoticon :(

  51. mikhael says:

    Thankssssssssss Dude!!!!!!!!!! You Mad me happy

  52. Csaba says:

    Super tare cine o creat asttea

  53. Nico says:

    Tipic romanesc: sa scrii in limba materna undeva unde nimeni nu o intelege.

  54. [email protected] says:


  55. joem ellana burgos says:

    to everone add me

  56. Ana says:

    @ Nico
    I KNOW, RIGHT? (Da, stiu romana.)

  57. divya says:

    yahoo mes

  58. Danny says:

    It Works Good

  59. Sttern says:


  60. fuflea says:

    @ Nico
    ii de la tara omu :))

  61. wtf says:

    I hate the fact that they are hidden. It’s very inconvenient. I wish I could just click the emoticon button and find what I’m looking for.

  62. sudheer says:

    good very good

  63. Jasmeen says:

    Is there anyway to import it to yahoo messenger then it will not be hidden anymore?

  64. Zubaidaa says:

    I hate that it be hidden:(

  65. haniye says:

    thanks a lot :*

  66. Andrei M. says:

    It was about time to bring up something new! The vomit one is a BIG minus! eew!

  67. zerg says:

    i love them too, good job dude

  68. Ly says:

    altele noi nu aparrrr ???:-s stupid english

  69. AMASARIA says:

    I have not messenger!!!

  70. Alexandra says:

    Super dragut mie imi plac toate

  71. Alexandra says:

    ~^o^~ sa se mai faca si alteleee (eu ii sustin:D (*))

  72. DjFl0oo says:

    ii de la tara omu !! &[] paste fericit[a] in spatele curtii

  73. laurentiu says:

    cum imi bag emoticonurile la yahoo mesenger

  74. gogu says:

    n-ai mes, dar vrei emoticon. good going :-bd!

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