YouTube also follows the trend of the Harlem Shake.

A new rhythm is invading users. At the same style as the Gangnam Style, the Harlem Shake is becoming the favorite dance between people. Thousands of videos representing this trend have invaded YouTube lately.

The Harlem Shake manifests in myriad ways, as each video has its own version. This curiosity has not gone unnoticed that even social platform YouTube videos are following this trend.Yes, although you may not believe YouTube also makes your platform dancing to the beat of this song.

If so far you have not noticed, then you just need to follow the steps listed below for you to see how YouTube is invaded by the Harlem Shake.

1. Open your browser and go to Google.

2. Go to the top menu and click on YouTube. Go to the home page of the video platform.

3. Raise the volume of the computer from where you are doing the search. 

4. Once admitted to the YouTube search words “Do the harlem shake” and give Enter .

5. Do not click on any video. Devoted only to see the window. 

6. You will see that a song invades Youtube. Watch the YouTube icon. Wait 15 seconds and you will see that all elements of the platform adds to the wildness of the music.

After this, you and you encouraged to keep up with Harlem Shake making a video?. Tell us then what your version and those who participate in it.

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